André Kanya

Managing Partner at ANRAN Holdings

André Kanya comes from a tech background and started his first online business at age 16. He operated a web portal under the domain TECH.DE as well as a webhosting business that was sold in 2006.

André graduated with a diploma in business informatics in Cologne. He worked for Deutsche Telekom group in Cologne/Bonn and acted as CTO of a music streaming startup founded by Holtzbrinck Ventures in Munich.As the majority shareholder he is currently supervising the family business BOHEMIA Behältertechnik GmbH, a machine building company with a production site in Czech Republic. André is excited about architecture and enjoys developing real estate projects with his firm ANRAN Immobilien GmbH

Following his passion for contemporary art, André is running the project space KANYA BERLIN, where he organizes art exhibitions and cultural events.