Johannis Hatt

Founder and Managing Partner at productsup

Johannis Hatt is a passionate business angel and founder. He studied International Management in Oxford, Paris and Berlin at ESCP-EAP, for which he successfully obtained a master’s degree. After having worked for three years in strategy consulting, Johannis went on to follow his true passion: entrepreneurship.

Johannis has founded several companies, focusing on B2B solutions, software and e-commerce. Among those are: – a cloud-based software provider for managing and optimizing product data; Faceadnet – the leading German Vertical Content Network with more than 60 million Facebook fans and over 40 million impressions each month (sold to Ströer); (entered into a strategic partnership with Hewlett-Packard) and (merged with Seeding Alliance).

In his spare time, Johannis frequently volunteers as a guest speaker at – a program that supports entrepreneurship for convicts.