Frequently asked questions

Straight answers to some questions we get all the time.

The right timing

  • Can it be too early to call in the Cavalry?

    The earlier we get on board, the bigger the impact of our support can be on the success of your company.

    This is why we aim to be among the first investors in your startup. Our initial investment (in 99% of the cases) takes place at the Angel or Seed stage and we look forward to support you in building your business from day one!

    Read more about our value add approach.


The Cavalry approach

  • What is your investment focus?

    We invest in technology enabled models across sectors with a focus German and European based companies.

    We don’t necessarily have a focus theme, but like to invest in teams that have a big vision, that want to have an impact and are either defining their own industry or are drastically changing the way business is done in a large existing market.

    Read more about what we are looking for in a company.


Founder friendly terms

  • How much do you typically invest?

    Our preferred initial investment is between EUR 500k and EUR 1.5m. We assess every investment opportunity individually though, so there is some jiggle room on both ends of the scale.

    And we of course reserve funds for follow-on investments.


Riding with the Cavalry

  • How do I get in touch as an entrepreneur?

    First, we encourage every startup to think about why we’re compatible before reaching out to us. Have a look on our philosophy and previous investments to be convinced that there is a fit between the two of us.

    Secondly, we highly value referrals from our network and always give priority to investment opportunities we receive through a warm intro.

    Make an effort and get an introduction!

    This is why we ask every founder to not approach us cold.


The basics