Visiting Analyst (Venture Capital Internship)

We are looking for exceptional visiting analysts to join our investment team in August/September, 2018.

As an analyst, you will help us:

  • Research, identify emerging technology startups and connect with their
  • Conduct initial evaluation and in depth analysis of new investment
  • Support our due diligence processes and day to day operations
  • Become a full-fledged member of our small and agile investment team (you’ll
    attend our partnership meetings and be counted on to provide insights and
    feedback as we meet new companies)

This role is part of a 3-6 months internship in full time and is based out of Berlin.

Qualifications of the ideal candidate include:

  • Prior work experience in a startup environment, preferably in a VC fund
  • An excellent academic track record from a top-tier school
  • Enthusiasm about analysing new business models
  • Great people skills
  • Strong passion for technology and innovation
  • Self-motivated
  • Fluency in English and German.

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to the contact details below. In
lieu of your application, please respond to the following questions in the body of
your mail:

  • Give us a two sentence summary about your academic/professional
  • Tell us about a specific accomplishment from your background that
    explains how you fit with our candidate description above.
  • Tell us about an early-stage startup we should invest in (and why). What
    is the biggest risk to the investment?

We look forward to meeting you!

About Cavalry Ventures

The Berlin based (pre-) seed fund combines the entrepreneurial expertise of its
partners with financing to support the most promising tech companies. The fund’s
partners have founded, financed, and scaled market leading companies such as
Delivery Hero, Tradeshift, or plista and share their associated experience with
portfolio companies.

Björn Loose

Björn Loose