Dominik Matyka

Entrepreneurial Partner

Dr. Dominik Matyka is co-founder and entrepreneurial partner at Cavalry Ventures, serial entrepreneur and avid investor. He is also board member and chief advisor for dmexco, the world’s leading digital marketing exposition and conference with more than 40.000 yearly attendees. His key areas of expertise are Publishing, AdTech, PropertyTech, HR Tech and MarketingTech.

Before joining the Cavalry, Dominik co-founded three successful start-ups and was an active business angel. Most notably, Dominik founded and acted as managing director of Plista, a provider of innovative solutions in native advertising and content distribution, which was eventually sold to WPP Inc.

Before that, he earned a doctorate degree at Technical University of Berlin. Dominik is highly regarded as a successful tech entrepreneur in several prestigious rankings and was a finalist of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013.

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