Meet the Cavalry

We are a partnership built on the founders of our portfolio companies, our investors, supporters, experts and ecosystem partners. Together, we are a community of entrepreneurs and shapers supporting you all along the way and having your back. Always.

Our Ecosystem Partners

We have partnered with trusted partners in the fields of tax, banking, legal and beyond – providing our portfolio companies with resources and support usually unavailable that early on.

Our Expert and Support Network

Dozens of entrepreneurs, executives, experts and strategic partners in key industries trust in our approach of supporting startups at an early stage and are eager to participate. They understand what it takes to build successful businesses, many of them in the digital economy, and provide our portfolio companies with their expertise and access to a strong network of decision makers in industries such as real estate, logistics, finance and publishing, just to name a few.

Find below just a small selection of personalities within the Cavalry community, each of them happy to support and leverage their network and expertise to drive value for your business.

Tom Bachem

Founder of CODE University, Founder of sevenload (Exit to Hurbert Burda Media)

Colette Ballou

Founder of Ballou PR



Tilo Bonow

Founder of PIABO PR

Constanze Buchheim

Founder of i-potentials

Adrian Bührer

Digital Entrepreneur, Investor, CEO of Swiss Life Lab

Felix Haas

Investor, Founder of IDnow, Host at Bits & Pretzels

Johannis Hatt

Founder and Managing Partner at productsup

Chrysanth Herr

Partner and Investment Professional at Triton

Felix Jahn

Investor, Founder of Home24 and McMakler

Experts in every major European city

André Kanya

Managing Partner at ANRAN Holdings

Stefan Klemm

Founder and Managing Owner of Entrepreneurs Club

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmar

Founder of Hypoport AG, Managing Director at Mind Institute SE

Myke Näf

Entrepreneur, Founder of Doodle (Exit to Tamedia)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Nelle

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Raue LLP

Jens Röhrborn

Founder and Managing Partner at Röhrborn LLP

Thomas Schwanhäuser

Managing Partner at Solvians IT-Solutions

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Martina Weiner

Managing Director at i-potentials

Maru Winnacker

Founder of Project OONA

And many more